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Product Name: Black Stylish Traveling Waterproof Backpack

Model No.: SL-E080

Keywords: traveling waterproof backpack, stylish traveling waterproof backpack, black traveling waterproof backpack

Minimum Order: 400

Product Abstract: Black stylish traveling waterproof backpack, high quality 100% waterproof material, size can be customized, color is optional. - Sealock Outdoor Waterproof Gear

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Product Description

Black Stylish Traveling Waterproof Backpack

Traveling waterproof backpack 100% waterproof, made from TPU material, the size can be customized, fit for hikng, traveling, camping and water sports. - Sealock Outdoor Waterproof Gear

1. portable, waterproof storage bag with fold top closure.

2. easy squeeze buckle and grap handle.

3. different material and sizes avaliable.

4. uses heating press technology without gap.

5. 100%water resistant and easy to carry.

6. widely used in all kingds of outdoor sports.

7. TPU sandwich materials.

8. It can store clothes and other things to keep them dry when go to outdoor sports or water sports.

9. You can also store water into it for camping.

Product name:Black Stylish Traveling Waterproof Backpack

Brand name : Sealock

Model number:SL-E080

Size:Can be customized according to your request

Material: 100% waterproof TPU

Color : yellow, black, red, blue, brown, pink, grey, etc

Use : camping, hiking, traveling 100% waterproof 


The waterproof backpack is provided by Sealock outdoor gear.

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